Music Monday! What are you listening to? Here is Jiro's list "I chose these songs after going to the MIM museum in Phoenix last weekend. I've always loved music from all over this planet and it re-ignited my interest. I only had enough to time to walk through the Africa section and was really impressed by the attention to detail and depth of the exhibits. Here are some of my favorites." Congotronics- Paradiso Music from the Congo using the Likembe (thumb piano) played through amps. Killer sounds!! Fela Kuti original- Original Sufferhead This was the first track of Fela I ever heard back when I was living in Japan. Been hooked ever since. Al Hassan Kuban- Om Sha'ar Asmar Medaffar I don't understand the lyrics but this track grooves hard with the bass and percussion. Cheikha Rimitti -Nouar Any compilation of African music must have the queen of Rai represented! Gnawa Halwa - Arbi A Moulay I love trance music from all over the globe and gnawa is no exception. Google Gnawa music Getachew Mekurya- Almaz Yeharerwa Chill out to the funky sounds of this old school saxophone.

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Ozomatli fans! We're giving away this awesome prize package to one fan on Sunday night at the show! Tag at least 3 friends for your chance to win. We'll select the winner and let you know before showtime. Tickets are still available:

Sports talk with Justin... It looks as though this is Kobe Bryant 's farewell tour, but who knows because he seems like the type of person that will do anything it takes to ball at the highest level. I'm not a LA Lakers fan and not really a Kobe fan but there is no question he is one of the greatest to play the game. Kobe is to this generation, what Michael Jordan was to our generation. I see young players around the league always sighting him as the player they wanted to immulate. He transcends the game and his reach is far beyond LA. In China he could probably run for office. Well it's been a long and stellar career for the Mamba and at least he can go out on his own terms and hopefully ball out during the season. It would be cool to see him yam on Porsengus. ¡Fin! What are your thoughts? Is Kobe still the man?

San Francisco are you ready!?! November 21st OzoKidz will be taking over the The Fillmore at 3pm followed by a 21+ Ozomatli show at 9pm.

MIM Monday: Last week we were lucky enough to be given a private tour of Musical Instrument Museum - MIM with Daniel Piper. Daniel is the senior curator at MIM and is world renowned for his expertise in Hispanic music and instrumentation. It was such an incredible experience.